Management Team

The Hampshire staff is comprised of dedicated professionals with years of experience in the real estate investment industry, and not one senior executive has left the firm within the last ten years. This team continuity enables Hampshire to seamlessly manage its portfolio and react quickly to opportunities in the marketplace.

Generational Fund
Norman Feinstein Vice Chairman 973-734-4238
Robert Schmitt Fund Manager, Hampshire Generational Fund + HUH Real Estate Income Fund 973-734-4234

Fund VI and Fund VII
James E Hanson II President and CEO 973-734-4242
Todd Anderson Fund Manager, Institutional Funds 973-734-3557

Legacy Group
Jon F. Hanson Chairman 973-734-4232
Jeffrey B. Hanson Fund Manager, Legacy Fund 973-630-9810
Deborah H. Imperatore Fund Manager, Legacy Fund 973-944-8303

Mark Rosen Transaction Manager 973-734-4239
Donald Engels Underwriting and Due Diligence Manager 973-734-4246

Finance & Operations
Robert Campo CFO + CCO 973-898-7291
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